Our Name BolgiaTen is taken from Dante’s Inferno but we reside in a ‘Data Inferno’ not Dante’s Inferno. In Dante’s version of the Inferno, Dante and Virgil enter the last and tenth Bolgia of the Eighth Circle, which is the home of The Falsefiers. The Falsefiers are divided into four subgroups:

  • the Alchemists,
  • the Impersonators,
  • the Counterfeiters and
  • the False Witnesses.

BolgiaTen is based in the realms of Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Innovation which are the fundamental enablers of our thoughts, process and Innovation developments. We see BolgiaTen as the ‘end state’ beyond the ‘Data Inferno’ where we can expose truth, trust, transparency, accountability and governance excellence in actionable insight through examination using our four states of the tenth Bolgia; BolgiaTen AI and Data Analytics D3P®:

  • Descriptive,
  • Prescriptive,
  • Persuasive
  • Predictive

As we move towards and AI driven world into the Metaverse and Web 3.0 both Narrow, and eventually, General AI is going to take us on an unfathomable journey which has both Threats and Opportunities in abundance, we should treat these as equals in evaluation and execution.

Join us in exploring data through this examination lead approach participation and interaction. We hope our blogs will form a useful stimulus to your thinking and you will join us in this exciting journey.


BoligaTen is an advisory and consulting organization focused on helping Companies and Governments to adopt industry best practices such as TM Forum’ Frameworx, IET, IEEE, CCITT (ITU), BCS and others. Adopting collaboratively developed best practices and achieving the expected results has proven to be challenging, as framework’s are typically only defined to a generic and conceptual level; that is, documentation, guides and training are nonspecific and so not business focused for your particular orginisation. 

Bolgiaten have developed a unique approach to implementation of Value based outcomes through AI and Big Data Analytics. When applied to satisfy Social Media, Mobility, AI & Big Data and Cloud, support material becomes more limited. BolgiaTen helps organisation drive beyond the generic to the specific, whilst observing Global Best Practice through an ambidextrous engagement model.



Social media allows Businesses and people to connect and interact in all possible ways and combinations. Businesses interacting with Customers utilizing social media technologies enables the collection of data on preferences that gives numerous potentials forming new relationships. Every interaction generates data that might be interesting for the business to capture for use in Customer Experience Management, Revenue Management, Product Life-Cycle Management and more.. The interaction benefits the Customers by enabling them them to have access to other customers’ experience and comments in the social network.


Mobility is bringing employees, customer and users closer to businesses. Access to application and data from any device and connection type is also giving businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers, employees in much more engaging ways. Mobility is made possible by the combination of broadband (wired and wireless) and solid state technologies for any device, and as businesses take advantage of the technologies to offer “ecosystem based business services” the value to Customers and businesses excels.


New approaches to ETL and enrichment of data collected from social media, communications networks, on-line shopping all forming Big Data. New technologies like Hadoop, and visualization are allowing correlations, and expose information beyond the capabilities of conventional Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse environments.  This gives an opportunity to explore level of analytics not previously possible and which in turn create business value and innovation through improved cognitive information and decision making.


Cloud computing provides business value, Customer value and operational value as an enabler of efficient, self managed application environment. Cloud computing based platforms and software services have the potential to remove complexity, risk, and technical barriers to to operational support applications. Importantly, it enables incremental iterative development of “Apps”, which makes it also attractive for adjunct BSS and OSS projects.


SMAC give service providers of communication, media, entertainment etc. a unique opportunity to define an “Ecosystem” across the SMAC in which they can offer a combination of products and services that provide Customers and users with a synergy value greater that the sum of its components.

Operationally SMAC gives untapped possibilities to:

Develop leaner Operational environment

Intelligence for Customer Experience analysis

Proactive Products lifecycle management

Capital management

Margin control

Resource demand and development



Chairman Co-Founder

Paul is a Veteran Technology Entrepreneur, he has created, enabled and sold a series of successful International Telecommunications, Technology Operations, Software and Consultancy practice and continues to invest in early stage entities. He is the Founder and Chairman of BolgiaTen.

The Professor’ is the Global Ambassador for the ™ Forum with responsibility for Big Data Analytics. Customer Experience and Innovation, he is also currently the Head of the Data Analytics Group at TM Forum. In 2010 he was awarded a Professorship by the School of Mathematics and Computing at Liverpool John Moores University for work surrounding University technology spin-out companies. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, a fellow of the British Computing Society and a fellow of the Royal Academy of the Arts. He is considered a Global expert within the AI, Digital Media, Data Analytics, Blockchain, B-OSS, SaaS, Computer/Internet Security the Metaverse and Web 3.0 technologies. He sits in the ‘All Party Parliamentary Group’ (APPG) in the UK House of Lords developing AI, Meterverse and Web 3.0 government strategies. He also works closely with Global Venture Capital and Private Equity Groups to identify and exploit opportunities in these markets and supporting Global Government Strategies.


CEO Co-Founder

Cato co-founded BolgiaTen from having been responsible for TM Forum Frameworx adoption. For the past three years Cato has worked with TM Forum engagement managers positioning and delivered support programs adopting TAM, eTOM, SID and Integration for strategic and tactical purposes into CSPs business and operational environments. Cato’s experience spans from complex enterprise systems sales and account management to working for CSPs to Consulting CSPs on strategic IT systems specifications.


Senior Consultant – Subject Matter Expert Business Process Management

With over 30 years in Telecoms/IT project management and customer service Steve has proven track record of providing strong leadership to improve management, and business delivery processes to ensure successful outcomes. Having worked in the public and private sectors from telecoms to higher education, Steve firmly believes that customer opinion and expectation are key drives for change and innovation in any organisation. He is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and a member of the Association for Project Management. Steve is a TM Forum Subject Matter Expert and uses Frameworx to provide a structured approach to innovation change and consolidation of business processes within an organisation.